Goodwood Twenty13…Unlucky for some…

The Redborne Racing Team delivered a truly commendable performance at the Greenpower 2013 National Final at Goodwood Motor circuit on Sunday 13th October.  Unlucky for some…
The preparation for this race started after we found out that Redborne Racing had qualified 66th overall in the country out of over 300 cars.  The students decided which gear ratios to run and the car was set up to run with higher gear than in the heats to achieve a higher top speed.  The car and kit were loaded onto the new Redborne trailer and off we went to the south coast.
Race day in Hampshire arrived with a dull and dreary morning.   The car went out to practise and returned in 54th position.  12 positions of improvement.  The rain relentlessly fell over Goodwood Motor Circuit for our F24 4 hour endurance race.  Elliot Jones drove first, cutting through traffic and got the team to 22nd position overall.   A great performance with the fastest lap from our drivers at 5m22s over the 2.4 mile circuit.  Alex Lockey then took the helm to drive us way up the order into 16th, 50 places higher than where we started.  An average speed of 25.6mph was evident after this stint.  We were really punching well above our weight and maintained the 16th position until the 3rd battery change when our problems began.
The downpours had ruined our battery boxes which meant no connection, no power, and no drive.  Tom Dobson and Ben Stevens crawled the car round with intermittent connection issues, but through no fault of their own, being overtaken time and time again.  The car arrived in the pits on the back of the support vehicle again.  A ratchet strap held the battery boxes together whilst George Golding limped the car around for a final half hour of miserable endurance racing in the wet.  We retired the car 20 minutes from the end.  From hero to zero, we finished 70th from 75 cars.
The effort and enthusiasm of the of the drivers and pit crew : Matthew Barnard, Will Sharp, Liam Coleman, Nick Grant and Jack Croft have to be commended with quick pit stops and the determination the keep the car out of track.  The weather was truly appalling.  Through it all, not a single student, nor the many parents that made the two hour journey to support had a bad word to say.
13th October 2013.  Unlucky for Redborne Racing.  Our season has been dampened at the last, but a very encouraging one for the students who work tirelessly each Monday to get to the races.  Every cloud has a silver lining, and this has given the Redborne Racing team a great platform going into 2014 knowing that we have a competitive and well balanced car.