Chassis updates

Having completed the wooden mock-up chassis for RB3, we have now begun to cut out the aluminium blocks that will be sent off to be wielded. This is a process that requires accuracy and concentration, and all of the lads have been brilliant at working together as a team to ensure that we finish with the best possible end-product. Unfortunately, Mercedes Bedford have had to pull out of the wielding process so we have enlisted the help of the kind people at Millbrook Proving Grounds to help us with this. In other news, we have now come up with our final bodywork design (pictures below) and plan to make it out of either carbon fibre reinforced plastic or fibre glass reinforced plastic. Over the next few weeks we will be starting to produce a foam mold over which to create the layers of composite that will eventually form the bodywork. As for the other aspects of the car, such as the transmission, we haven’t made any developments and probably won’t do so until the chassis and bodywork are completed.