Greenpower Bedford Autodrome Heat

On the 13th September Redborne racing entered into the Bedford Autodrome heat for Greenpower’s Formula 24 competition. There were very few problems that the team had to overcome throughout the day. The team went through scrutineering with only one problem which was there not being 50mm from the top of the drivers head to a line from the top of the front roll bar the top of the back roll bar. This was rectified by removing materials from the seat in the car. The first race started off well with the team’s     fastest lap which was 1’18 on lap 4. This put Redborne racing in the top 10 fastest laps round the track and lifted the car up to around 5th position overall. The reason for the fast lap times was the gearing used in the car which had a gear ration of around 3.5 which meant we could gear the car to a faster speed. This had a follow on effect which was the car draining the batteries quicker, which lead to us slowing right down to laps taking 2:30 minutes to 4 minutes at the end of the race. Because of this the car dropped down the leader board to 13th position with an overall mileage of 29.1 miles in an hour and a half.IMG_6981IMG_6965IMG_6972IMG_6974

After the first race we decided to change the gearing of the car to have a gear ratio of 4 which meant that we had to slow the speed of the car down, but then allow the battery to not be drained as quickly so to try and make the car more efficient. This had very little effect on the lap times which were 3-4 seconds slower than in the first race, but the car encountered less traffic in the second race so the lap times were consistently kept which didn’t happen in the first race. Throughout the race the lap times didn’t slow like in the first race and meant that we travelled further in the second race and meant that we kept in the qualification group for the final. The overall mileage that the car achieved in the second race was 31.4 miles which is 1.3 miles more than the first race, We now hope that we stay in the qualification group for the final on the 11th October.

From this race we have now made plans to change the car. These are to reduce the rolling resistance on the rear wheels so less energy is wasted. Furthermore we are going to try and make the car more aerodynamic by building things into the car like the wing mirrors, the outer and tops of the front wheels and encasing the rear of the car.


Lots more photos at:

Greenpower Bedford Regional Heat 2015


By Matthew Barnard, Year 12