June Updates

We have now completed the chassis for RB3, including the roll bar and most of the steering rack. Much of the rear axel section, such as the motor, the driveshaft and the brakes, is now complete and fitted, but a lot of work is still needed on the electronics. Currently, we are fitting a temporary bodywork section to the car, as we will not be able to complete our planned fibre glass/carbon fibre bodywork this year. Moreover, we are working on some air cooling ducts, graphic design on the car, and we are hoping to complete the steering rack very soon. Recently, we took RB2 to Rockingham and participated in the Greenpower Season Opener 2015. Although we didn’t set any fast times nor get a high mileage, it gave our newest Year 9 members some valuable experience of a race day. Looking forward, we hope to have RB3 ready with a temporary bodywork fitted by the Rockingham Heat. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make Goodwood.