Review of our 2014 results

Unfortunately we have failed to qualify for this year’s Greenpower Final with our mileage results. There is, of course, still a chance that we are selected as a wildcard entry, but at this stage it is looking unlikely. We achieved our highest mileage, of 27.93, at the Rockingham Heat, in the second race. Upon that evidence we thought that, with some minor adjustments to the gearing, we’d be able to achieve 30 miles in an hour and a half with one set of batteries at the Bedford Autodrome Eastern Heat. However, we suffered from dramatic overheating of the motor, resulting in us only achieving a mileage of 25.8, with an average speed of just 16.9 mph. Despite this our top speed was good, with a best lap of 1 min 15.2 set by myself in practice.

Thanks to our poor results this season, we have decided that we have reached the limit of what we can achieve with our current car. Therefore we have decided to advance the development of RB3, with work on the design already being commenced. We hope to build an aluminium chassis, and fibreglass bodywork, with the batteries going at the front of the car for better weight distribution. Watch this space for updates.