RB1 was a steel chassis car developed 11 years ago by the now retired Mr Lyons at Redborne.  The car was used back in the early days of the Greenpower events and achieved some decent results in the area.  The car was left untouched for 8 years until the now’ Redborne Racing’ team modified the car to suit the 2012 regulations.  Taller roll bars and more modern electrics were added.  It was a learning curve for the team in the first year of competition, finishing 118th nationally.



Chassis – Tubular steel chassis, aluminium bodywork
Drivetrain – 24V Fracmo electric motor, chain and sprocket drive
Electrical – ‘Soft Start System’
Awards achieved:
‘Most intersting Technology in Car’
‘Best Newcomers to Eastern Regional Greenpower Heat 2012’
‘Bronze Greenpower award for 50+ Miles in 4 hours’