Untitled-2RB2 is the second car that we have made so far, we have taken ideas from RB1 and used them to improve the car. One simple idea we got from RB1 which saves us a lot of time at the race is the quick access battery box which would save us a few seconds on every pit stop. During the making of the car we came across lots of difficulties like the making of the roll bar, when we were making the roll bar we had decided to change the shape but when it came to bending the metal bar it got increasingly more difficult to bend the metal by the right amount. During our last meeting before the first race in RB2 we had trouble with the electronics which were giving the motor power, when we test drove the car one of the components set light but luckily it was replaced easily afterwards. When it came to second race which was the regional heat the electronics problem arose again. Unfortunately this time it wasn’t just on the test before the race, when we were on our practice at the track the same electrical components burned again so we had to replace them before the race. Then when it got to the race they unfortunately burned again just when the race began so we brought the car back in again to make the motor be on either full power or on no power so we wouldn’t have to loose that many laps on the cars which were still on the track.


Chassis – Honeycomb composite chassis plank, plywood strenghtening, tubular steel roll bars
Drivetrain – 24V Fracmo electric motor, waterjet cut gears, belt drive transmission
Electrical – Mosfet soft start system bypass


Awards    ‘Best Looking Car’ – Bedford Autodrome Schools Grand Prix


                ‘Siemans Innovation’ award – Eastern counties Greenpower Heat