The Team

Redborne Racing is a fast growing group of highly motivated and dedicated students at the Redborne Upper School.  Their mission is to design, build and race an enviromentally friendly electric eco racer to compete in Greenpower events across the country.  In only their second season, Redborne Racing qualified for the National Final at Goodwood.

Redborne Upper School is an ‘Oustanding’ academy in Central Bedfordshire situated in Ampthil, catering for students age between 13 and 18 in the local area.   The school is over subscribed and is very proud of its achievment on both on an academic and pastoral level.

A link to the school website is found below.

Greenpower cars race in a 4 hour endurance race, using a stock 24V Fracmo electric motor, and 2 12V stock batteries.  The aim is a to go as far as you can within the timescale using 3 sets of batteries.  The car, RB2, can achieve an average equvilant of 3000MPG.

A link to the Greenpower website is found below.